At RBC Dominion Securities, we have helped Canadian investors achieve their financial goals since 1901.

Today, we are Canada's leading full-service investment firm with over 400,000 clients across Canada.

With our team of financial professionals, we work with a select group of affluent families and business owners to address 5 key pillars of their financial lives:

  • Financial Planning
    • Without a map, how else can you reach your destination? We create a comprehensive custom plan to suit your unique financial situation and provide detailed steps on how to achieve the goals you identify.
  • Investment management
    • Using best in class strategies and institutional money managers we implement, monitor and review an investment strategy that ties in directly to your goals, risk tolerance and performance expectations.
  • Will & Estate Planning
    • Gain valuable insight by working with our Will & Estate Consultant to provide you with information on structuring your estate in an efficient and tax-effective manner. Following your will and estate consultation, you will receive a report outlining various estate-planning opportunities for you to explore in further detail with your own lawyer or accountant.
  • Financial Security
    • We believe in a "hope for the best but plan for the worst" mentality. Working alongside our Insurance Specialist ensures you and your loved ones are protected financially should disaster strike.
  • Tax Planning
    • More important than making money is being able to keep the money you make. Where appropriate we employ sophisticated strategies to ensure you don't pay any more than your fair share of tax.

So if you like sleeping soundly at night knowing your finances are being taken care of by a top tier team at Canada's largest Wealth Management firm, I invite you to be in touch. My team and I are standing by waiting to serve.

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