Futures are invaluable risk management tools for commodity producers and consumers, from smaller family-owned businesses to large-scale industrial enterprises. They are also important for individuals with large investment porfolios exposed to market and currency risk. We can help you meet a wide range of needs:
  • If you are a producer of a commodity, managing the risk of price fluctuations is a major concern. We can help you reduce this risk through the use of commodity futures and options.
  • If you own a small business that uses a certain commodity to produce value-added goods, we can help you gain better cost certaintly for that commodity through the futures market.
  • If you are a qualified sophisticated investor, commodity futures may be an appropriate way to manage risk by adding an additional dimension of diversification beyond the three traditional asset classes - stock, bonds, and cash.
  • If you are a Canadian citizen who owns a large U.S. stock portfolio, you know how the changing U.S/Canada exchange rate can impact your returns in Canadian dollars. Through the use of foreign exchange futures, it is possible to reduce or eliminate this risk.
Access to global futures markets
We offer access to several commodity futures exchanges globally, including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Montreal Futures Exchange, London Metals Exchange and beyond.
We provide timely, efficient 24-hour trade execution services on a full range of futures and futures options:
  • Energy (crude oil, natural gas, heating oil, rbob gas)
  • Precious Metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium)
  • Base Metals (copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, lead, tin)
  • Currencies (Euro f/x, Yapanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, British pound, Swiss franc)
  • Financials (US treasury notes & bonds, Eurodollar, Canadian bonds & bankers acceptances)
  • Stock Indexes (S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei 225, S&P/TSX 60)
  • Agriculture (cattle, lean hogs, soybeans, corn, wheat)
  • Soft Commdities (coffee, cocoa, orange juice)
  • Fibre (cotton, lumber)