Melanie Price is normally the first person you get when you call in. Her key roles on the team are to be the primary point of contact with our clients, daily managing of clients’ needs, fulfilling varied requests and acting as a liaison with the firm’s back-office department. We tend to think of Melanie as our reactive customer service person for both the families we look after and for the team. If someone needs money deposited into their bank acct or a cheque issued they talk to Melanie. If someone has an address change Melanie handles it. She looks after monthly automatic funds transfers and RRIF withdrawals to clients’ accounts. From a team perspective Melanie prepares all the materials for portfolio reviews, sets up new accounts, tracks transfers from other institutions, makes sure all client documentation is up to date, looks after client files, assists people with DS Online, and more. In the spring she looks after getting any requested tax information to clients and or accountants. Usually after most people come in for a review/meeting with Jeff, Phil, Jessica or Ryan there are always a number of actionable items/administrative things that Melanie looks after, such as transfers in from other institutions. Melanie also ensures that all Investment Policy Statements for our PIM (Portfolio/Discretionary Investment Management) portfolios are updated on a regular basis. There are many various reports to list, Melanie takes care of them all.


Angela Stuart is our proactive customer service specialist and also team administrator. She looks after and maintains our customer contact schedule for investment reviews, touch base phone calls, etc. In January and February she is making sure that RRSP contributions are made and also in the first quarter of the year getting everyone’s TFSAs done, a much bigger job than RSPs now. Angela looks after the scheduling of all insurance, estate, and financial planning meetings and follow up. She also ensures that all necessary financial information for all wealth management meetings is gathered from clients. Angela looks after all wealth management files (estate, financial plans, insurance).  


Jeff Mahoney and Phil Cyr are relationship managers being directly responsible for the families we look after. On a regular basis they conduct both proactive investment portfolio and wealth management reviews (insurance, estate, and financial planning) for our families. In addition there are always material changes in people’s lives so Jeff and Phil have a lot of reactive meetings where someone is now retiring, dealing with illness, loss of a loved one, taking a trip, buying a vehicle etc., and these issues need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Jeff is also the person primarily responsible for the individual investments within our PIM portfolios, although Howard and Phil act as a sounding board and provide critical analysis for Jeff in this role. Jeff and Phil also support each other in the event someone needs assistance and one of them is busy or on vacation.


Jessica Berry and Ryan Reid support Jeff and Phil directly by looking after detailed requests and inquiries for our clients such as providing financial projections, RSP Calculations, performing stock and market research and account calculations as needed. They also follow up on actionable items for Financial Plans and Will and Estate reviews. In addition to supporting Jeff and Phil they are also relationship managers, being directly responsible for some of the families that we look after. Working closely with accountants, they take care of sending tax information throughout the year to meet corporate year end deadlines and in the spring looking after getting any requested tax information to clients and or accountants. Jessica enjoys looking after the creation and content for our team’s semi-annual newsletter to our clients. Ryan supports Joe with building client portfolios and trades
when he needs assistance or is on vacation. Jessica and Ryan also support each other and Jeff and Phil as required.


Joe Linthorne is our PIM administration person. Joe builds all the portfolios, ensures asset mixes stay within targeted ranges, rebalances portfolios, monitors cash balances within portfolios, and looks after all the necessary portfolio trades i.e. buys and sells in the portfolio under the direction of Jeff Mahoney. Joe also maintains and updates our team website and works on special projects and assists Angela in making proactive touch point calls to our clients.   


Howard Tingley's role has dramatically changed over the last few years and feels more like running a small business. He is responsible for creating team roles and responsibilities, ensuring families receive the investment and wealth management service they expected, creation and monitoring of our customer service model, ultimate responsibility for the relationships/portfolios our families have with our team and RBC Dominion Securities, managing the team, compliance, essentially managing and running the business. Compliance mentioned above is by far one of his biggest tasks. Things like reviewing client account information and ensuring that portfolios are suitable are a continuous responsibility. Suitability reviews for all new cash/investments into an account, basically an explanation as to what our plans are for the new cash/investments and do they fit the investment policy for that account. When Jeff and Phil are both busy or one of them is on vacation Howard provides back up. Howard oversees and assists Jessica with the content for our semi-annual newsletters, web content, and team brochures. Most importantly, Howard continues to have relationships with the families we look after as that has always been the part of the business that he has loved and will routinely join Jeff or Phil’s meetings, visiting with people in their homes or our office, and chatting on the phone a lot.