We believe strongly in the value of an identifiable investment discipline and an open approach to working with you.

There are several questions you should ask during a first meeting with your wealth manager, and we can help answer:

What do I get for my fees?

We don’t like "buried fees” any more than you do. For your fees, you receive a complete plan reviewing all aspects of your personal situation, access to astrong support team of industry professionals, direct access to your Portfolio Manager (including same-day replies to your phone calls) and quarterly written reviews.
The foundation of a trusting relationship is complete disclosure and a frank discussion of all fees. We have an "open file” policy emphasizing complete transparency so that you always know for what you are paying and that there are no surprises.
In addition to investments and portfolio management, included with your fees we offer Will and estate planning consultation services with our in-house specialists as well as high net worth planning services. This ensures all aspects of your financial life are working in harmony – and putting you closer to reaching your goals.

What is the investment process you use?

What drives transactions? Investment markets change every day – but successful investment strategies are timeless.
We favour simple approaches over complicated and individual investments over packaged products. At the same time, we use a disciplined and structured approach to buy and sell decisions. In asset allocation, bonds are for preservation of capital, not income. We model bonds to match a targeted benchmark and deliver performance with minimal tracking error.
How is risk managed? For all discretionary managed portfolios, we employ documented, written guidelines to ensure that any investment decisions we make on your behalf are agreed-upon and in keeping with your overall objectives. We also review all portfolios quarterly to ensure that they continue to comply with your ideal asset allocation and risk tolerance. To provide an additional layer of security, an independent risk management group oversees all discretionary managed portfolios against a set of established risk management guidelines.
Above all, understanding your needs is essential to establishing an investment plan. Providing for those needs starts with the lowest-risk investments available using a thoughtful process rather than predictions.

How Do I Open an Investment Portfolio?

We would like to meet with you in our office for an initial interview. There we can review asepcts of your financial needs that would help us shape an investment strategy on your behalf. In addition, a review of your existing portfolio and key relationships will help us understand what changes, if any, are required.
Subsequent to that meeting, with your approval we will develop a proposed strategy based on the information you have provided. We will present the proposed strategy to you for either revision or completion and when you are satisfied that the proposal meets your needs and you are comfortable with the process, we will prepare final copies for your signature. This includes completing required industry documentation.