What does wealth mean to you?


This is a critical question we ask our clients, because at Henderson Family Wealth, it’s our mission to help you decide where to invest your most important assets – your time, energy, and capital – and how to transform your personal values into a purpose-driven vision.

A tree on a hill.
A tree on a hill.

Our story

As seasoned industry experts, we share a passion for helping people find their purpose.

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A hand holding a compass.
A hand holding a compass.

Our approach

We partner with our clients to foster an enterprise mindset and unlock the power of true wealth.

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Waves in water.
Waves in water.

Morning musings

Derek Henderson delves into topics related to wealth, life, mindfulness, and much more.


Insightful. Intentional. Impactful.


That’s our vision for your wealth – what’s yours?

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