Volatility Strikes Back

Feb 06, 2018 |Robin Gullason
The lack of volatility in markets was one of the big stories of 2017 but we knew it wasn’t going to last forever. The rocket ship start to the U.S. equity market in 2018 was also something we knew couldn’t go on forever. We didn’t think both of those...
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Davos 2018: Fixing a Fractured World

Feb 02, 2018 |Dave McKay, President & CEO
At 5,120 feet, Davos is the highest town in the Swiss Alps. But in late January, it’s better known as the town where some 3,000 business, government, and civil society leaders gather to consider the world’s most visible risks of the future. Dave McKay...
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Canadian Dollar Comment

Feb 02, 2018 |Robin Gullason
The Canadian dollar has seen volatility pick up in the past month. As oil prices have broken decisively through $60, the CAD’s relationship with crude oil prices has re-established, after drifting apart for much of 2017. It is worth nothing that Canadian...
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A clean slate - Portfolio Manager's Quarterly Note

Jan 30, 2018 |The Harbour Group
As 2018 gets into full swing we had the pleasure of attending a RBC’s 2018 Portfolio Management Conference just last week in Toronto. This event brings together the best and brightest analysts from RBC and our research partners to present top ideas for...
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Income Splitting Via Canada Revenue Agency’s “Prescribed Rate”: Is the Rate Going Higher?

Jan 18, 2018 |Tiffany Harding
• Due to the extraordinarily low interest rates currently in place, lending funds for investment purposes to family members or a trust is an effective way to split income. • As yields begin to normalize, this “prescribed rate” looks likely to double to...
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Will 2018 be the year inflation matters?

Jan 16, 2018 |Robin Gullason
• The early days of 2018 are showing a continuation of 2017’s trends, with equity markets marching higher and technology leading the way. • Economic growth numbers continue to demonstrate coordinated global growth for the first time in years. • Encouragingly...
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Update on income splitting through private corporations

Dec 20, 2017 |The Navigator
On July 18, 2017, the Department of Finance released a consultation paper, along with draft legislation, proposing a number of tax changes that were aimed at private corporations. The changes were intended to remove the perceived unfair tax advantages...
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December 2017: Speculation Makes a Comeback

Dec 14, 2017 |Robin Gullason
• Recent months have seen headlines dominated by stories of eye popping returns, but they are turning up in unusual places. • Speculation in assets such as cryptocurrencies and marijuana stocks right here at home have hit a fever pitch. • The action in...
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Some Thoughts on Bitcoin

Dec 05, 2017 |Robin Gullason
2017 has been a remarkable year for a number of reasons – stock markets at all-time highs, continued ultra-low interest rates, and extreme volatility in the Canadian dollar, just to name a few.   However, in 2017 there was one emerging asset class that...
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New kids on the blockchain

Dec 05, 2017 |RBC Wealth Management

Cryptocurrencies are unlikely to replace traditional money in the short term, though blockchain, the technology that underpins them, will disrupt many industries. How can investors approach this nascent innovation?

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