For close to 30 years, many families, businesses and institutions have entrusted us with managing their wealth. Our passion is portfolio management; our profession is wealth creation.

In the context of a solid partnership where conflict of interest simply does not exist, we seek to become our clients’ primary financial advisors by working with them to achieve their goals and by developing a long-term, trusting relationship.

Our guiding principles are quality, discipline and rigour. These principles steer our approach to both portfolio management and our relationships with clients and business partners. Our work involves helping clients manage their assets with caution and discipline, a comprehensive strategy and a long-term growth objective. In short, our advisory services are based on actively managing your portfolio, and we believe that discretionary management is the best way to serve you and provide priority service.

Investing with success requires a solid decision-making framework coupled with the ability to prevent emotions from undermining that framework. We listen to your needs and focus on providing the right advice for your situation, be it regarding investing, taxes or protection. We quickly respond to developments that may significantly impact your family and your wealth.

Achieving your financial goals: teamwork

Managing investments is, however, only one aspect of managing your overall wealth. Achieving your financial goals—particularly your retirement goals, estate planning and strategies for transferring wealth to the next generation—are all crucial elements of wealth management. These solutions are often complex and require expertise and know-how.

We offer the best of both worlds: a medium-sized team that operates independently within the largest full-service investment and wealth management company in Canada. Groupe Constantineau benefits from the support of several highly qualified professionals to offer you products and services aimed at optimizing your financial situation. By choosing us, you benefit from a partnership and special access to financial, tax, will and estate planning experts.

Our passion: portfolio management—a team effort yet again

Our team possesses expertise in assembling and managing portfolios that has proven successful across a variety of economic and stock market conditions. We build our portfolios (custom, without limits) using a wide range of investment products. What’s more, we have all the tools needed to ensure the independent mindedness that you, the client, can rightfully expect.

Groupe Constantineau also enjoys the support of the RBC Investment Strategy Committee and one of the best teams of analysts in the country. In addition, we regularly consult RBC Dominion Securities Inc.’s Portfolio Advisory Group to assess the opportunities and risks inherent in each of our models.

What we do is clearly a major team effort, where several heads are better than one. That said, at the end of the day, our team has all the latitude it needs to quickly intervene in managing each of our portfolios.

Our main consultants, in addition to the entire RBC Capital Markets team, are JP Morgan, Veritas, Standard & Poor’s and Value Line.