A Personal Approach To Investing

Hi I'm Greg Hall and welcome. I am a knowledgeable advisor who works with a talented group of insurance, tax and financial planning advisory professionals. Together we create diversified financial plans and strategies. These plans are centered on maximizing gains, minimizing costs and ensuring financial security. All so you can sleep better and enjoy a comfortable retirement!

Our clients expect competitive investment returns that work as advertised, maximize gains and prudently help you navigate through your journey. This is fundamental to every diversified strategy we prepare.

Clients also expect and receive exceptional, personalized investment advisory and portfolio management services. This includes - when appropriate, and as part of the added value we deliver - access to accredited lawyers, accountants and financial planning specialists for clients in need of comprehensive wealth management solutions.

Above all, our clients want recommendations to be coordinated and delivered in plain language from a competent single point of contact; that's me.

The team and I establish a warm, candid relationship with all of our clients because we believe that when it comes to your money, and your future, you have the right to talk with a knowledgeable team you can relate to openly and honestly and whose advice you trust.

Greg Wants to Hear From You

Connect with Greg on LinkedIn or email him at greg.hall@rbc.com