Lance Dimond, B.Comm (Hons), CFP, FMA
Financial Planning Consultant
RBC Wealth Management Services

Working as a professional in the financial services industry since 1994, Lance has a wealth of knowledge in helping clients develop solutions for their long-term financial security and goals. Lance spent five years in Personal Financial Services at RBC Royal Bank, and eight with a leading national wealth management provider. He specialized in providing financial planning services to advisors and their high-net-worth clients.
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Tim Squire, FCGA, CFP, CLU, FMA

Financial Planning Specialist
RBC Wealth Management Services

Tim has been working in the financial services industry since 1992 both as an advisor and a specialist, where he assisted advisors with providing high-quality financial planning services to their high-net-worth clients. As a specialist,Tim provides comprehensive financial planning guidance and advice to successful executives, farmers, business owners, professionals and other high net worth individuals. Tims extensive expertise and experience helps clients address all areas of financial planning.
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Colin Biblow, CFP, FMA

Estate Planning Specialist
RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc.
Specializing in estate planning, Colin is able to provide innovative and tax efficient solutions to various wealth management issues. Additionally, he is able to focus on personal and corporate solutions while addressing needs related to estate preservation, excess taxation and farm and business succession planning.
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Avideh Musgrave, LL.B., TEP

Will & Estate Consultant
RBC Wealth Management Services

Avideh Musgrave is an experienced lawyer with a strong commitment to educating people on the importance of estate planning. Before joining RBC, Avideh devoted her law practice to Wills, Estate Planning, and Estate Administration. Avideh specializes in tailoring advanced estate, tax, insurance and wealth planning strategies to help you achieve your more complex estate planning goals.
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Sharon McDonald, CFP, PFP

Private Banker
RBC Private Banking

As Private Banker, Ms. McDonald supports her clients with sophisticated banking services and provides access to personalized short and long-term lending solutions and flexible credit packages. By collaborating with additional RBC specialists, she facilitates access to commercial banking, investments, trusts, estate and succession planning in Canada and in key markets worldwide.
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Complimentary Consultation

In appreciation of your valued business relationship with us, we are pleased to offer you a complimentary Financial Planning,Will and Estate, Private Banking, or Insurance consultation with one of our specialists. Lance, Colin, Avideh, Ralph and Sharon work closely with us to provide you with information on structuring your finances and estate in an efficient and tax-effective manner.

To schedule a meeting, please contact Gord or Keith at 1-306-956-5223.