Service Commitment

We believe that success in all matters comes from committing to actions that bring you closer to your ultimate goals while managing uncertainty. Gord and Keith bring two fundamental commitments to you and your family. We are committed to providing the best possible investment advice to you, governed by your needs and risk tolerances. We are also committed to assisting you in articulating and acting upon your goals those highly personal lifestyle ambitions that you want to achieve. The following range of comprehensive services provided by the team supports these two commitments.

Professional Advice - As professional financial advisors, we will:

1. Develop and regularly update your account guidelines which take into account your investment objectives, time horizon, investment constraints and risk tolerance;

2. Manage your portfolio by setting your asset allocation mix and selecting the appropriate

investment vehicles in accordance with your asset allocation; and

3. Monitor your portfolio to ensure it continues to meet your needs as time goes by.

Financial and Lifestyle Planning - In addition to our day-to-day investment management services, we will:

4. Utilize our full time financial planner that will help articulate your lifestyle goals and links them to your financial resources by assessing your cash flow needs, tax minimization strategies, and estate and charitable bequest plans;

5. Update your goals on an annual basis; and

6. Provide you with transition strategies as needed.

Consistent and Comprehensive Reporting - Surpassing basic reporting requirements, we provide the following key information in addition to trade confirmations and monthly statements:

7. Annual performance reports showing your historical rates of return, current asset mix, and a list of the securities in your accounts;

8. A comprehensive tax report that provides annual income and expense summaries, transactions summaries, and capital gains and loss summaries; and

9. A record of all security transactions and account cash flows, including income and dividend payments and registered plan contributions.

Order Execution and Portfolio Administration - To ensure that you receive the

best possible trade execution and account management service, we:

10. Supervise and execute all trades in your portfolio, achieving the best possible price and order fill available in the market at the time;

11. Provide access to the resources of the RBC Dominion Securities order desk, offering volume pricing and access to Initial Public Offerings;

12. Provide cash management services, including tax installment payments, deposit and withdrawal services, and bank transfers.

Communication Services - We will stay in regular contact with you and provide you with timely information by:

13. Access through our webpage to access up to date GIC rates.  Rates are updated daily and summarized for your convenience from our 30+ firms that we can access on your behalf

14. Providing commentary via email or hard copy on unusual events that have may have a significant affect on you;

15. Sending you RBC Dominion Securities research and commentary upon request