The Process

 Step 1: Begins with Identifying your Lifestyle Goals. An in-depth data-gathering interview allows us to establish those objectives that are most important to achieving your personal lifestyle ambitions. By putting numbers to those objectives, we have tangible targets to plan for.

Step 2: Tangible targets to plan for are created by establishing your personal Number. Whether its your after work income needs, your childrens education cost, or the efficient transition of an estate, your Number represents the amount of capital required to support your Lifestyle Goals.

Step 3: Based on those goals and objectives, an appropriate allocation of your investments is identified given your personal risk profile. This helps us govern the long term management of your investment portfolio.

Step 4: To ensure your lifestyle goals are met, Ongoing Account Supervision is a vital part of the overall investment management process. This includes regular performance measurement reports and responding to changes in the economic environment.

Ongoing Account Management

Portfolio Management: Your portfolio is subject to a regularly scheduled review. As well, we will be reactive to current market conditions as necessary based on the inflow of information from industry experts, economic indicators, and our own proprietary investment strategies.

Tracking Performance: On an annual basis each client receives a comprehensive report which contains a summary of current and historical investment results, security holdings, and an asset allocation analysis. Utilizing sophisticated proprietary contact management software ensures ongoing client communications.

Providing Solutions:  All members of our team are highly qualified and offer their experience to our clients through a range of services that includes personal financial plans and estate transition solutions. We continually update our expertise by attending seminars, reviewing publications, taking industry -based exams, and having discussions with other investment professionals. Annual continuing education of 40 hours and more.

Building Relationships: We believe that personal lifestyle goals are the foundation of a truly balanced investment portfolio. By initially taking the time to get to know each of our clients, we are able to respond to your lifestyle transitions with solutions. We will work with you through these transitions, to ensure we are in the right position to make appropriate changes to your accounts.

To that end we encourage open and ongoing discussions so that we can more ably assist in reaching our clients goals.