The Business Owner's Guide to Wealth Management

We understand that building and running a successful business doesn't leave much time for you to manage your wealth. Our team can build a customized plan that coordinates your business and individual financial needs.

The Business Owner's Guide to Wealth Management – 10 Key Decisions for Business Owners has strategies that can help you:

  • Turn a $750,000 capital gains tax exemption into a $3-million tax exemption

  • Convert the equity in your business into an enhanced retirement benefit for you – and a big tax deduction for your business

  • Protect your business from adverse events like divorce or disability

Learn more about these, and other wealth management strategies designed specifically for business owners. Contact us today to request your free copy. Or learn more about Individual Pension Plans.

The wealthy family's guide to staying wealthy – 10 Strategies every financially successful family needs to know

As experts in wealth management for affluent investors, we understand that having above-average financial assets affords many opportunities for your family. But it also raises unique concerns – everything from reducing the various risks to your wealth to managing a much higher tax burden.

Written to address the needs of households with $1 million or more in investment assets, Family Wealth Management: 10 Strategies to Build and Protect Your Family's Wealth is a guidebook that identifies sophisticated financial planning strategies including:

  • Protecting your family's future from risks such as lawsuits, loss of income, and market downturns

  • Saving up to $45,000 in taxes annually with proper family income splitting

  • Raising financially responsible children by instilling the right values

  • Utilizing special tax advantages to maximize your charitable legacy

Learn more about sophisticated financial planning for above-average assets. Contact us to request your free copy of this guidebook today.