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Wealth Management Review

Publications and Articles

The following is a sampling of our more popular publications and articles.

Publications and Articles Family

Family Wealth Management Guide
Tax Planning Checklist for Students
RESP 1 – Establishing an RESP
RESP 2 – Savings Strategies and Special Circumstances
RESP 3 – Withdrawing from the RESP


Retirement Checklist
Early Retirement and your Options
Retirement Savings Plans
Locked-in RRSPs and your options
Personal Insured Annuity

Business Planning

The Business Owner’s Guide to Wealth Planning
Individual Pension Plans
Estate Freeze
Professional Corporations
Pros and Cons of Incorporating
New Thinking on Business Succession

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Guide
Wills and Will Planning
Settling an Estate
The Family Inventory
Charitable Giving


Tax Planning for the Private Investor
Spousal Loan Strategy