Will & Estate Consultant

A professional Will & Estate Consultant works closely with us to provide you with information on structuring your estate in an efficient and tax-effective manner. Following your Will & Estate consultation, you will receive a report outlining various estate-planning opportunities for you to explore in further detail with your own lawyer and accountant.

Estate Planning Specialist

A highly qualified insurance specialist works with our team to help you create and preserve your wealth. We follow a comprehensive process to assess your needs and, if appropriate, recommend tax-exempt insurance products that will help you achieve your wealth management objectives.

RBC Partners

We refer you to our network of partners so you can be confident you will receive the same level of care and service we provide in other aspects of your wealth management plan. Our team can refer you to banking, credit and mortgage, business financing, trust services, and many other experts at RBC. Working with our partners means we can assist in coordinating strategies to avoid duplication of services and fees.

Professional Network

We also offer access to our network of professionals within the community, such as lawyers and accountants, to help ensure that the various issues related to the management of your wealth are properly addressed. If you have existing relationships with professionals in these areas, we would be pleased to work together with them to coordinate our efforts.