Expertise To Support Your Complex Financial Needs


What Is Private Family Wealth Management?

Conceptually, private family wealth management is an extension of the current wealth management model. A business model that engages fewer, deeper and more lasting relationships with affluent clients that are based on customized solutions, specialized expertise and responsive service. In reality, however, many kinds of entities identify themselves as "wealth managers", creating a vast field of dissimilar competitors.

Our approach is to build a team around you while providing the tools and the relevant expertise. We assemble the requisite wealth management professionals, each specializing in disciplines like investment management, wealth planning, trusts, Wills and estates, business owner planning, credit and insurance.

Our Team provides the expertise that makes a positive difference to the families we serve. Under the umbrella of private family wealth management we bring together a network of resources engaged and coordinated to support the complex needs of a specific family group. The scope of possibilities and combinations mean that truly unique issues can be addressed in entirely customized solutions.

Value Added

As concerns about wealth preservation and succession planning within family business continue to rise, the benefits of our depth of resources are becoming increasingly sought-after.

Affluent families are increasingly seeing the value in private family wealth management for the following key reasons:

  • Economies of scale for high-value professional services
  • Objective advice from knowledgeable experienced professionals with specialized skills
  • Assistance and planning for a generational liquidity event
  • Avante-garde and pragmatic perspectives toward the changing global financial landscape