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Proprietor, Partnership, or Corporation: How should I Structure my Business?


One of the most common questions we accountants get from our farming clients is whether to structure their business as a proprietorship, partnership or corporation. To determine which structure makes the most sense to you, there are a variety of factors you need to consider.

Salary Versus Dividend Income


The type of remuneration, whether it be salary or dividends, that an owner-manager decides to draw from their business will have an impact on both the owner-manager and their corporation. This article discusses the tax implications of receiving a salary versus dividends as well as some non-tax considerations that are of importance when deciding which form of remuneration.

Selling Your Business


When selling your business, there is more than the purchase price to consider; the real bottom line is the after-tax funds you retain after the sale. Tax planning ahead of time may offer you more flexibility in negotiating the terms of the sale and still end up with the same after-tax cash you expected. This article provides a non-exhaustive checklist of Canadian tax and financial planning strategies.

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