Lorkovic Wealth Management

At Lorkovic Wealth Management, we deliver unique value by combining the personalized service of a highly qualified team of professionals with the resources and expertise of Canada’s leading global wealth management provider.

Whether building your wealth, living off your wealth, or protecting it for the future, our team is here to help you and your family take advantage of every opportunity.

What Is Wealth Management?

Farm Succession

8.4% of Canadian Farmers have a formal succession plan in place. If you are part of the 91.6% that don’t have one in place or need yours updated, click the learn more to find valuable resources to help you and your family get started. 

Business Owner Planning

Nearly 60% of Canadian business owners are aged 55+. For many business owners, all of their wealth is in the business, and they find it too onerous and emotional to put proper planning in place to prepare for success and their personal lives outside of the business.

Our Services

We are very responsive to client's requests, and build loyal, long term relationships with people who share the same business beliefs.

We work with your existing team of professionals to help provide you with specialized expertise and highly customized strategies for your unique financial needs.

We make rational investment decisions focusing on long term growth and capital preservation. We do not indulge in speculation in search of unrealistic returns. We believe in security.

We listen to our clients so that we can fully understand their goals and what is really important to them and their families.