1. Discovery - evaluating your unique needs   

We begin by gaining a deep understanding of your unique financial circumstances from a variety of perspectives, including your family situation, mid- and long-term goals, and risk tolerance. We will also work to uncover the complex and sometimes competing needs and interests that may characterize your circumstances now or in the future.

2. Strategy - customizing your plan

Once your needs and aspirations are understood, your customized strategy is crafted and we will work closely with the appropriate specialists to create the solutions that you require. Like many of our long-standing clients, your financial circumstances may call for comprehensive and far-reaching strategies, which evolve over time.

3. Implementation - executing your personalized plan

With a strategy in place, we work with our offices around the world and your other advisors to implement your tailored wealth management plan. As necessary, we will also introduce you to, and work with, carefully-selected external professionals that provide any required additional specialist services.

4. Review and management - meeting your evolving needs

Ongoing individualized care is critical in preserving and enhancing your assets and helping you realize your goals. For these reasons and more, we will review your wealth management plan regularly to accommodate changes in your circumstances and ensure it meets changing economic or regulatory developments.