Your Financial Advantage For Life

We believe in total wealth management.

This means that we follow an integrated approach to wealth building that includes portfolio advisory and discretionary services, tax strategy, insurance protection, will and estate planning, legacy creation and inter-generational wealth transfer.

All are connected and no credible total wealth management plan can afford to be without them. Accordingly, we follow a five-step process that guides the development of a total wealth management strategy for every client we advise.

Personal Priority Advantage

Step 1

We go beyond the hard numbers to help you focus on your goals in life.

Once we help you identify and prioritize all of your personal and financial goals, we can create the solutions to achieve them.

Through this process, we will help you answer key questions like: What is your vision for life? How do you want to balance your lifestyle? How do you want to help your family?

Total Fact Finding Advantage

Step 2

To develop a plan for the future, we need to know where you’ve been. With the complex situations that develop over time your life may consist of many moving parts.

You need a seamless plan that makes sense of all these moving parts and looks after all your needs.

To gain a complete understanding of your situation, we will ask you questions that no other financial advisor has asked you in the past.

Financial Solutions Advantage

Step 3

What is the right strategy for you? How can your wealth work more efficiently towards your goals? Can we minimize risk? What opportunities can we reveal for you?

With a clear picture of where you want your wealth to take you and your family, we will design the right strategies and solutions.

Whether you need help building wealth, saving for retirement, maximizing your income or protecting what you have achieved, we will help you achieve your unique goals.

Legacy Protection Advantage

Step 4

We understand that with wealth comes a greater and more complex financial vision. We can help you ensure that your family, loved ones, and favorite causes continue to benefit from your success for generations to come.

Whether you need help structuring a business succession plan, transferring your wealth fairly and tax efficiently, or contributing to a noble cause, we will help you maximize the legacy you leave – according to your wishes.

Wealth Tracker Advantage

Step 5

Are you on track towards achieving your goals? Is there anything missing in your plan? Are there new opportunities? While you focus on your personal priorities in life, you can be confident that your wealth plan is being professionally managed.

We review your portfolio performance with you regularly to discuss appropriate changes necessary to keep you on track. As part of that process you will receive detailed account statements, portfolio review statements, transaction updates, and tax reports.

We conduct a comprehensive and rigorous annual review of your total wealth management plan to ensure that it is meeting your immediate, mid-range and long-term expectations.

Your Financial Advantage For Life is not a slogan. It is a philosophy and a promise. We help our clients build their assets systematically, protect them attentively over time, and position them to be passed along astutely and tax-efficiently.