Providing you with a distinctive wealth management experience - built around your ambitions and financial prosperity

We are obsessed with service, and the experience that our clients enjoy.  We are results driven, so we know that delivering on our client's financial ambitions is pivotal.  However, we also know that the team who helps guide you on the road to financial prosperity should be attentive, efficient, diligent, and courteous along the way.

Each client benefits from a customized wealth management plan, which aims to tackle the areas of need that are most important to that client.  The areas we provide advice and execution on are:

  • Investment management
  • Will & estate planning
  • Trust planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Business succession
  • Charitable giving
  • Private banking & personal lending

Each of these areas requires a specific skill set and level of expertise.  Therefore, we loop in RBC Family Office Services and the specialists at our disposal to help tackle each area of need.  This provides our clients with a family office experience.

What is a family office?

A family office is a team of professionals hired by a wealthy family to exclusively work for them, and provide them with a comprehensive range of financial services.  Imagine having a team of accountants, lawyers, investment managers, and planners, all working for you.  This is what a family office is.  Family offices are typically reserved for the ultra high net worth, due to the costs of staffing and maintaining the team.

How can you get your own family office experience?

Our clients gain access to a team of unique specialists and professionals that are available to provide advice on a specific subset of planning.  

Need advice on how to build or update your will?  We have a former lawyer for that.  Need to build a cash flow plan with an accountant?  We have a CPA for that.  Need to plan a successful business transition?  We have a business owner planner for that.  Need to ensure your kids don't inherit a large tax bill from your estate?  You guessed it, we have an estate liability specialist for that. 

Who do we work with?

  • Business owners hoping to maximize their growth, retirement plan, and succession plan
  • Incorporated professionals looking to enhance their net worth and reduce their taxes
  • Retirees and their families hoping to gain peace of mind that their best years are indeed ahead

RBC Family Office Services: Our approach

Find out how our holistic approach to wealth management could help you reach your financial goals. From tax strategies to investment management, our team of highly-skilled specialists can meet your personal and professional needs.

Emmanuel Athanassakos, CIM, CFP

Investment & Wealth Advisor