Only a select group of RBC Investment Advisors can offer you portfolio management services through Private Investment Management (PIM).  The Clements Group is the only full Portfolio Manager designated PIM team in Sudbury.  We commit significant resources and research to the development of our portfolios.   Our team holds itself to the highest of standards with an unwavering focus on doing what is right for our clients.
Portfolio Managers must possess advanced investment credentials, extensive experience advising clients and substantial assets under administration.

Given that RBC's PIM program manages over $45 billion on a discretionary basis, it takes more than just our clients trust. As a client of Private Investment Management, you entrust us with a tremendous responsibility one that we take very seriously, and are expertly equipped to handle with best-in-class oversight and industry-exceeding qualifications.


In order to offer Private Investment Management, we must meet strict standards for education, experience and assets under administration standards that, in fact, surpass those established by regulatory authorities. We are privileged to be part of the group qualified to offer Private Investment Management, which consists of fewer than one quarter of all advisors at RBC Dominion Securities.

In todays world, we believe that additional support and safety mechanisms are a must to provide you with optimum peace of mind. To that end, we receive critical support in managing your Private Investment Management portfolio:


-        Investment Management Guidelines that set essential standards for quality and diligence in every portfolio we manage.

-        Investment Policy Statements that identify and clearly document your investment goals, objectives and constraints.

-        The Portfolio Implementation and Risk Management Group with oversight responsibilities for every Portfolio Manager and every discretionary account we manage.

-        A Compliance Team with the responsibility for ensuring all government and industry regulations are followed in the management of your portfolio.

The Investment Management Guidelines provide the core asset quality requirements that are the

foundation for every portfolio we build. We must follow these fundamental directives, which set standards for security concentration, industry and sector diversification, market capitalization and credit quality.

The Investment Policy Statement is your specific mandate that details all your objectives, goals and constraints in managing your portfolio. You can think of it as the charter or master plan that we create to manage your portfolio. Due to its importance, the Investment Policy Statement is signed by you and us to make sure the agreed-upon strategy is on target. 

Your portfolio is monitored by our Portfolio Implementation and Risk Monitoring Group to ensure its ongoing alignment with our Investment Management Guidelines and your customized Investment Policy Statement. This group consists of seven professionals with extensive experience and educational requirements in the fields of risk management and quantitative analysis.


The qualifications and experience required to offer Private Investment Management, combined with the support provided through these four mechanisms, helps keep your portfolio on track.

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If you desire greater freedom to focus on whats really important to you, and the confidence of knowing that your portfolio is in the care of trusted professionals, we invite you to consider Private Investment Management.