Welcome to Elder & Punko Wealth Advisors

At Elder & Punko Wealth Advisors of RBC Dominion Securities, we are committed to providing investors with the expert advice, personalized service, and sophisticated solutions needed to build and protect wealth - all backed by the strength and stability of RBC, Canada's largest financial institution. 


At RBC Dominion Securities, we have helped Canadian investors achieve their financial goals since 1901. Today, we are Canada's leading full-service investment firm, with over 400,000 clients across Canada. Whether you are investing for yourself, your family or your business, we can custom-design an investment portfolio to meet your specific needs for growth, income or capital preservation. We provide you with access to virtually every type of investment, including stocks, bonds, GICs, mutual funds, ETFs, all backed by proven investment strategy and top-ranked research.

It All Starts With You

We believe your investment success depends on having a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish. We focus on helping you formulate a long-term wealth management strategy appropriate for your situation.

Personalized Service

Your relationship with us begins with a conversation. We take the time to understand your situation in order to create a wealth management strategy that is right for you.

A Plan is Essential for Success 

Success rarely happens by chance. We work with you to define your investment objectives, and then develop a plan to achieve your goals over a realistic time frame.

This is a Long-Term Partnership 

There is no simple, one time solution. Your situation changes, financial markets change and the factors that determine investment success also change. Your wealth management strategy needs the flexibility to anticipate and respond to these changes. We are committed to working with you though each stage of your life to help ensure that you meet your long-term objectives.

A Commitment to the Highest Standards

We understand how important it is to have confidence in the people you entrust with your investment assets. We seek to build your trust and confidence by adhering to the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional conduct.

Achieve financial freedom with professional wealth management

You’ve achieved a lot in life, yet there’s so much more you want to do. Maybe you want to help your loved ones with a milestone purchase or fund your new business venture. Your next project may be to create a lasting legacy for future generations or, perhaps, you'd like to make a meaningful difference in your community, right there, right now. It could be that you yearn for a legendary life of adventure, or maybe a simple, cozy retirement is exactly right.

Whatever your goals, we take the time to understand what you want to accomplish with your wealth. Whether you need assistance managing wealth for yourself, your family or your business, we provide the professional advice you need, from start to finish.

And your wealth is indeed just the beginning – it’s a way to achieve more, give more, and experience more. We'll help manage your investments, plan your retirement, protect your financial security and plan your estate, so you can take comfort knowing you’re receiving expert wealth management and attention.

Contact us to learn how our knowledgeable team of professionals, backed by the resources of RBC Wealth Management, can help you grow more than wealth.

Grow more than wealth

With a collaborative, values-based approach and a track record of responsibly building wealth with integrity, you can expect RBC Wealth Management to help you realize your life vision.