Investment Solutions

In addition to the vast array of investment products and solutions and services we provide, we also offer you a number of value-added services, many of which are complimentary for our clients. These include:

  • Integration of your investment plan with your other service providers, including your lawyer or accountant
  • Will and estate planning consultations through accredited Will and Estate Consultants
  • Registered estate processing, tax reporting and T3 returns
  • Custody and safekeeping
  • Research into old certificates/investments for current status and value 

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Our 4 Step Custom Portfolio Approach

Step 1: Understanding your needs and goals

Step 2: Creating your investment policy statement

Step 3: Building your custom-designed portfolio

Step 4: Managing your portfolio

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Private Investment Management

Our Private Investment Management program is designed for clients who:

  1. Are in need of a disciplined, superior, and personalized investment management
  2. Desire freedom from the strenuous decision-making process

Other benefits include:

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management through a Personal Portfolio Manager
  • The Highest Credentials at Your Service
  • Direct Access to Your Portfolio Manager

Our Meticulous Six-Step Process 

Step 1: Creating your investment policy statement

Step 2: Building your portfolio

Step 3: Managing your portfolio

Step 4: Third-party review and monitoring

Step 5: Adjusting your investment strategy

Step 6: Keeping you informed of your progress