Our Guiding Principles

Our shared values strengthen our dedication to serving you. These principles help guide every decision we make and every interaction we have, with each and every client.

Our team is built around three core values that drive our business forward:

Family – We understand that wealth is not just about money, and by far, family are our most valuable assets. Discovering how you use your wealth for yourself, your loved ones and the causes you hold dear is part of our goal of creating an enduring family legacy and preserving your values for generations to come.

Health – We see the importance of taking proactive control within our own physical and lifestyle choices wherever we can. This includes the precedence of an increased demand and prioritization of wellness of all kinds, particularly the focus and connection between alleviating financial-related stress and mental well-being.

Integrity – We take pride in everything we do, and what integrity means to our team includes being honest and inspiring trust. That includes saying what we mean, matching our behaviours to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

Family life, health and integrity are the fundamental components that define our team, guide our decisions and dictate our daily operations. At the root of these values is our central belief that none of these aspects would be possible without a concerted effort and focus on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that shape our world today.


Our Services

As professional investors, our embedded ESG approach is led by our goal to provide you with a comprehensive view of investment opportunities that have the potential to deliver sustainable returns. We believe that socially conscious practices not only support moral and environmental priorities, but can also provide insight into a company’s long-term performance. By understanding the economic impact and integrating responsible investment considerations, we are positioned to help make informed decisions on your behalf. Aligning with what is most important to you is our mission. 


Including the research and stewardship of activities that ultimately affect our loved ones, we can act upon decisions that yield the preservation of our communities. ESG involves a conscious choice of looking deeper into how your wealth is being invested. By taking part in a simple process, we want to embolden your decisions and align your financial goals with shared values that offer meaning, purpose and connection. Making informed decisions that are empowered by envisioning the world you’d like to live in will have a lasting impact on your business, your family and your legacy.


Our purpose is to provide your family and loved ones with peace of mind. Our promise is to give you the advice and strategies you need to unlock the potential you have worked your entire life for and continue to build. No matter what stage you currently are in your life, we have the expertise and the resources to help you navigate every step of the way.



Tracy Price and her team have been my financial advisors for over 23 years.

I selected her after interviewing other professional advisors because I found that her investment philosophy most closely matched my comfort level. Tracy initially guided me through a life altering event and helped me make a smooth transition into the next phase of my life.

I needed monthly income and long term growth as well as estate planning from my portfolio. She managed my portfolio through the tech crash of 2000, the winter of the 79 cent Canadian dollar and the most recent ‘recession’ and I am pleased to say that we successfully weathered the storm together. During these rocky times, Tracy and her team were readily available to answer my many questions.

Tracy is more than willing to listen to my concerns then offers whatever information I need and often gives me a mini education on an issue. I feel listened to, validated, important and that I’m not just a ‘client’ but a friend.”

                                                                                                                                 - PG