Guiding you toward real wealth with Integrity, Trust and  Peace of Mind


Our Wealth Management team provides peace of mind, the sleep at night factor, as we manage "real" wealth for successful families and business owners, whose primary objectives are to preserve their hard earned dollars and to earn tax efficient income and growth, and not only for them, but their successors also. Our team excels in partnering with our clients, providing complete wealth management solutions with a level of trust and integrity that truly sets us apart.


"All of our clients benefit from our guidance, direction and expertise, and we trust you will too."
– Ed Clayson

Discovering what wealth means to you.

We believe an all-encompassing approach to wealth management starts with an understanding of what wealth really means to you-and what you wish to accomplish with it. From this starting point, our team creates a wealth management strategy that coordinates your multifaceted financial affairs and provides access to an internal team of professional tax, estate, financial planning and high-net worth specialists.

Who we work with.

Our dedicated support team provides financial peace of mind for:

  • Busy professionals and successful executives looking to enhance the growth of their wealth
  • Business owners who need direction managing their personal and business assets
  • Well-established families seeking professional guidance transferring wealth to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner
  • Pre-retirees who want to make the most of retirement savings as they approach retirement
  • Retirees requiring innovative strategies to maximize their after tax retirement income while protecting their financial security.

You Have Questions, We Will Listen
Our extended wealth management team and I can address the questions you want answered, including:

  • What happens if I die too soon, if I live too long, if I become disabled in between?
  • What if my financial assumptions about the future were to change?
  • Could my business survive a major change or crisis?
  • Are there other strategies I can use to reduce my tax bill?
  • What will my estate pay in taxes upon my death?
  • Are my heirs ready for their inheritance?
  • Do I need a long-term care plan for myself? For my loved ones?
  • Are my executors up to the task?
  • Do I have the right person in place for my Power Of Attorney?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, we invite you to learn more about RBC Dominion Securities, our team, and our commitment to our clients. When you are ready to take the next steps, contact us directly at 519-822-2807 or email us at Clayson Wealth Management.