We bring Wealth Managment alive

Who are you?

  • Fit? – Yes, first impressions count.  Douglas has to be a good fit for what you are looking for and vice versa.  Working with a Wealth Advisor is a long term relationship.  We need to know what is important to you.

  • Discovery – We need to find out who you are, where you have been and what you are looking for.  If you do not know what you need we can help, if you do, let’s clarify and quantify it.


  • Investments – We will prepare a customized plan for you.  RBC Dominion Securities finds the best people to work for you and we have the ability to bring customized solutions that fit you.  We also need to understand the benchmarks for success in your portfolio and to have a plan in place that will be proactively adjusted based on micro and macro events.

  • Service – An uninformed client is an unhappy client.  Life and the world change daily which is why we strive to create a service plan that fits your needs and keeps you informed of progress or changes that are required in your plan.

Wealth Management

  • The financial plan is not the end – numbers on a page are really just numbers on a page.  Solutions are what count.  We have highly qualified specialists that do fantastic work but they are only part of the solution.

  • Its Alive! – Your plan needs to be a living document.  Life changes.  Opinions change.  Investments change.  Solutions Change.  Your wealth plan must live and grow with you.  We are here to guide you.