These are my core investment beliefs:


1.  Have a Plan. Financial success doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen by accident. The best way to assure financial success is to define your goals, and then develop a plan that will help you achieve them. A professional financial plan will give you a roadmap that you can consult along the way to help you understand if you are on the right track, and show you what you need to do if you're not. It allows you to take ownership of your financial future. As an accredited Financial Planner, I provide my clients with the professional guidance they need to see their plans through to completion.


2.  Diversification. There is an abundance of research that shows that, historically, the biggest single driver of investment success is asset allocation. Having the right mix of assets between stocks, bonds, and cash can help to deliver better returns and limit risk in your portfolio. I believe that the best way to achieve long term investment success is by taking an ownership stake in the successful businesses of the world, and that even conservative investors should have some exposure to equity markets. The portfolio approach to investment management will help determine the right asset mix for you, based on your goals, time frame, and tolerance for risk.


3.  The Value of Professional Advice. I strongly believe in the value of getting professional advice when it comes to the things in life that are important to you, and that includes your financial future. I utilize an institutional, pension-style approach to investment management, leveraging the expertise of portfolio managers who have established a long term track record of superior risk-adjusted returns.


4.  Transparency. Part of my job as a professional advisor is to help my clients understand their investment portfolios, and I believe in charging my clients a fair price for the advice and services I provide.  I believe that, when it comes to investing, it's important for you to understand what you own, why you own it, and what it's costing you.