Investment Philosophy

Wealth management is essential for every Canadian given the current economic conditions not only domestically, but world-wide. It is no longer possible to rely on high interest rates and guaranteed instruments to earn satisfactory returns. A cohesive financial plan aimed at achieving specific goals based on individual needs is an absolute necessity.

Our practice employs a disciplined investment approach aimed at limiting volatility while maximizing return.

Taking a defensive stance based in dividend-paying large cap equities, ETFs, and fixed income, portfolios are designed to create stable returns in a volatile market.

In the current low interest environment, fixed income returns are extremely difficult to achieve.

When inflation, tax, and management fees are considered, many investors are actually experiencing negative real returns. By employing a long term, tax sensitive, low turnover fixed income strategy and transparent fee structure, we are able to significantly increase returns on this portion of our clients' portfolios. Above all, our investment approach is anchored in simplicity. Complex financial instruments and funds promise the world but consistently underperform while charging exorbitant management fees. By maintaining fundamental investment values and limiting transaction costs, we produce stable returns that take the worry out of investing.

Understanding Your Investments

It goes without saying that clients should feel absolutely secure that their investments are being taken care of. We also ensure that you fully understand the strategies and instruments being employed. Through clear communication we hope

to empower you to become an active partner in your financial decision making. We avoid using ambigious and confusing industry jargon; instead, we favor an approach rooted in simplicity and transparency. You shouldn't be in the dark about your investments.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin


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Honesty. Integrity. Transparency.