Our Process

Our Complete Wealth Management Experience™

Our unified process allows us to seek out the opportunities in your private wealth, business and investments while maintaining a plan that is aligned with your long-term goals.

We begin every client relationship with a 6-stage process that provides us with a full view of your financial circumstances and provides you with a clear understanding of our management strategies. This enables us to provide services that are customized enough to identify the financial opportunities that are specific to your circumstances and apply them to the goals that are unique to you.

Step 1: Mutual Discovery

Our first meeting provides a shared learning opportunity. Through discussion, we develop an understanding of how your assets are arranged and where you hope they will take you in the future. We also ensure that you have a good understanding of how we help you realize the opportunities your wealth presents. Our main objectives in this meeting are to:

  • Establish the expectations of each party
  • Gather any other relevant information
  • Lay out a tentative plan for the rest of the process

Step 2: Customized & Focused Solutions

We apply our expertise to designing your customized plan. With our expert knowledge and experience with business ownership and affluence, we seek out the aspects of your wealth that will help clear the obstacles that currently impede your progress toward your financial goals. This step involves in-depth analysis and organizational tasks, with two general aims:

  • Isolate the unique opportunities your wealth offers
  • Connect them to the wealth strategies that will help you reach your objectives

Step 3: Implementation

From the knowledge we have gained and the conclusions we have reached in the previous step, we formulate your customized plan. We do this with the understanding that the task of putting your plan into concrete terms is not only for our purposes as managers of your wealth, but also for your peace of mind, so that you can understand exactly how your wealth will lead you to your financial objectives. This is why, when we design our presentation of your plan, we have clarity as our main goal. At this stage of the process, we perform the following tasks:

  • Translate our strategies into a concrete plan
  • Present to you your customized plan
  • Discuss how your plan will work for you
  • Obtain your approval for implementation

Step 4: Plan Commitment

When we set your plan in motion, we coordinate all the necessary tasks such as making investments and shifting assets, but we also do so with a commitment to stay on the path to your wealth goals even if your circumstances change over time. This commitment means that we will:

  • Remain focused on the strategy you have approved
  • Accommodate your financial goals, now and in the future

Step 5: Monitor & Evaluate

As soon as your plan is in place, we provide ongoing review and evaluation of your plan's status. By keeping a close watch on the progression of your plan, we are able to ensure that every opportunity your wealth represents is serving to benefit you and your future. We are also able to promptly identify the need for adjustments when we find new opportunities or developments in the objectives of your plan. At a basic level, this entails:

  • Evaluating results against our projections
  • Monitoring our proximity to the overall objectives
  • Implementing adjustments when necessary

Step 6: Report & Communicate

Among the ongoing tasks involved in maintaining your plan is maintaining your peace of mind. Because our objective is to enable your wealth to lead you to your goals, it is just as important for us to hear how your plan is working for you, as it is for you to learn how the specific structures within your plan are performing. We take the time to facilitate a regular exchange of information, so as to:

  • Keep you consistently up-to-date on your plan's progress
  • Discuss evolving needs