We understand the role and responsibilities of board members as they relate to the management of their organizations' investments. Delegating the Fiduciary responsibility to a private Portfolio Manager, who understands the complexities of restrictive covenants, cash flow needs and investing in a manner compatible with the mandate of your organization - allows board members to be confident that they are fulfilling their obligations at the highest level possible. 

We have extensive experience meeting the investment needs of foundations and not-for-profit clients.

An array of services beyond discretionary and advisory portfolio management. Services include:  

  • custody and administration
  • socially responsible investing
  • investment policy development and review
  • planned giving

Private Investment Management provides a total Portfolio Management solution:

  • Frees the Foundation board and employees from day-to day details of managing wealth so you can focus on your business interests and other passions
  • High level of customization in your portfolio solution (personalized Investment Policy Statement, asset allocation, restrictions, constraints, tax considerations)
  • Direct access to the portfolio manager with accountability for decision making and performance
  • Third party oversight of portfolio managers provides peace-of-mind to foundation board members
  • Giving you access to the extensive expertise and resources RBC Dominion Securities / RBC Financial Group

Socially Responsible Investing

We have the ability to follow a socially responsible mandate in managing foundation portfolios.

We have an extensive relationship with Jantzi Research Inc. for socially responsible investing. Jantzi Research provides us with:

  • Social and environmental profiles of approximately 250 publicly-traded Canadian equities, including the companies in the TSX Composite, as well as 40 income trusts
  • Coverage on social and environmental issues (including: aboriginal / community issues, corporate governance, workplace diversity, employee relations, environmental performance, ethical business practices, human rights, product safety, and involvement in alcohol, gambling, nuclear energy, pornography, tobacco, and weapons-related production)
  • Investment policy statement development includes socially responsible constraints and mandate

Portfolio Risk Group

All portfolios are monitored by our Portfolio Risk Group to ensure that client investment objectives are diligently pursued.

  • Independent control: Group is external to RBC Dominion Securities/Private Investment Management  
  • Daily trade monitoring, and periodic reviews of clients' discretionary portfolios
  • A strict admission and monitoring process for portfolio managers
  • Documented portfolio management guidelines
  • Systems to support risk monitoring: asset allocation, concentration/diversification, credit quality, asset class/instrument constraints
  • Detailed quarterly portfolio reviews to portfolio managers