Strategic Wealth Management

There’s more to wealth than money. We believe money is simply a means to an end. And while financial security enables those who have it to enjoy life to the full, building and protecting your wealth requires dedicated, on-going professional attention.

This personalized approach acknowledges your hopes, dreams, expectations and goals. It also recognizes when life throws a curve you are financially prepared to deal with it and come away intact. We focus on protecting your wealth.

For these reasons we take an integrated approach to managing wealth. An approach that includes lifestyle management and capital protection, tax minimization, insurance and retirement planning, legacy creation and inter-generational wealth transfer. All are connected. This is your strategic wealth management plan.

Our process encompasses eight discrete investigative steps leading to a comprehensive wealth management strategy for every client:

  1. Discovery: We develop an understanding of your goals, personal and financial.

  2. Financial Planning: We prepare an analysis of your total financial situation.

  3. Will & Estate Review: We help you address your estate planning concerns and goals.

  4. Insurance Analysis: We help you protect what you have worked hard to build.

  5. Investment Policy Statement (IPS): This is the blueprint for your investment strategy.

  6. Investment Proposal: This is your recommended investment plan, approved by you.

  7. Ongoing Services: We track portfolio performance and give you timely updates.

  8. Regular Reviews: As your needs and markets evolve, we adjust your plan accordingly.

We review your portfolio performance with you regularly to discuss appropriate changes necessary to keep you on track. As part of that process you will receive detailed account statements, portfolio performance summaries, transaction updates, and tax reports.

We conduct a comprehensive annual review of your wealth plan to ensure that it is meeting your immediate, mid-range and long-term expectations. Remember, there’s more to wealth than money.

It takes discipline.