Building, managing, and successfully exiting business should be a pleasure.

Wealth is a beautiful thing! Through my work, I try to normalize the idea that creating wealth through your business is a good thing.

That’s why I’m am on a mission to double the number of self-made millionaires in Canada by 2030 

⏩ A group I affectionately like to call “The Self-made Nation” ⏩ 

What the self-made millionaire needs, more than ever during the recession, is a clearly mapped out exit strategy. An intelligent plan that will reward you for all that you’ve sacrificed in the building of your dream.

Let’s simplify and normalize the concept that YOUR LEGACY should count.

As I see it, most entrepreneurs never take shortcuts. 

We seem to think that business HAS TO BE complicated. We hesitate to shake up the status quo, and EVEN refuse to believe that business can actually be quite simple ✅

That kind of thinking might feel too disruptive. Like expecting cheat codes for success.

It doesn't have to feel that way.

Would you like to join a roundtable of peer founders who are also building their businesses to sell? Watch the video for details.

I am a podcaster, and I love it 

I host a show called “I’m a Millionaire, So Now What? '' delivering inspirational stories from the Self-Made Nation.

I put a focus on planning and wealth management strategies and speak to guests across different industries and philosophies. Perhaps most importantly, we talk about fun frank advice and I have over a 150 of those that I am working on compiling into a book. 

Stay tuned!   


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