Ready for your cash-rich business exit?

Welcome to the community of the Self-Made Nation 

If you're a business owner, you already know that building and exiting a business is more than a journey; it's a milestone. An inevitable milestone, whether you plan for it or not. And we believe your hard-earned legacy should be rewarded with a cash-rich exit.

What the self-made millionaire needs, more than ever during the recession, is a clearly mapped out exit strategy. An intelligent plan that will reward you for all that you’ve sacrificed in the building of your dream.

Let's simplify and normalize the concept that YOUR LEGACY should count. Connect with me on LinkedIn to get a conversation started.

Welcome to The Cash Rich Exit Podcast

I am your host, Colleen O'Connell-Campbell. In this podcast, I leverage decades of industry experience to bring you insights from experts across diverse industries. Each episode is a roadmap, offering strategies designed to lead you to a cash-rich exit from your business, when you are ready. Don't miss our 'fun, frank advice' segment at the end of each show!


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Elevated Conversations: An intimate, bi-monthly virtual roundtable. Here, you’ll connect and build relationships with peer founders who are also building their businesses to sell. Watch the video below for details:

Double to Sell: A transformative, 2-day workshop for those keen on exiting their businesses cash-rich in 3 years. This is a part of my mission to double the number of self-made millionaires in Canada by 2030. Want to join us? Send Colleen a note.

Meet Colleen

Say hello to Colleen, the visionary behind O'Connell-Campbell Wealth Management. With one of RBC’s pilot podcasts, "The Cash Rich Exit," (previously “I’m a millionaire. So, now what?”) Colleen is on a mission to help you plan a successful, cash-rich business exit. A wealth advisor, community builder, and long-term runner, Colleen combines finance with philosophy in a unique way.

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