Colby Longmire

Investment Advisor

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Colby offers his clients a relationship built on mutual trust. He accomplishes this with his commitment and promise to only ever operate with complete integrity, objectivity, and transparency. It is Colby's belief that when any recommendation or action has to pass those 3 criteria, it insures that the resulting advice will only be what is best for his clients, that the only external force motivating the advice is his clients well-being, that they are always receiving his very best efforts, and that they will understand the pros, cons, and cost associated with that advice.


Colby for the past 10 years has had experience working with patients and clients in various states of health and wealth from his time in the health care and financial advice industries. His time in the health care industry showed Colby how quickly situations can change, and the importance of planning for the worst, and striving for the best. In the financial industry he has worked with individuals, business owners, and families with their day to day banking, to helping the mass affluent structure and mange their entire financial situation, to previously working on a team that managed over $600 million in assets under administration. All of these experiences has shown Colby how truly unique every clients story and situation really is.


In his free time Colby is an avid lover of movies, and also enjoys playing a variety of sports. He also donates his time to help improve the lives of children in Dartmouth as a board member of the Dartmouth Kiwanis Club. He currently lives in Bedford with his dog Evie.

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