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Advisor Account

Experience the perfect partnership

The RBC Dominion Securities Advisor Account is a special type of investment account designed to offer you a portfolio approach to investing and the simplicity of paying one annual, asset-based fee.

With an Advisor Account, you have access to a complete range of investment choices and financial planning services. Working directly with us, you can plan, implement and make adjustments to your portfolio as needed-without paying additional transaction fees.

Key Features and Benefits of the Advisor Account

  • In partnership, we will make or approve all investment decisions together.

  • Adjust your portfolio to meet changing market conditions and personal circumstances, without paying additional fees and charges.

  • Receive expert portfolio planning and implementation services.

  • Access timely market updates and top-ranked research, as well as convenient portfolio evaluation and monitoring tools online.

  • Receive comprehensive quarterly and monthly reports summarizing all portfolio activity.

  • Enjoy premium interest rates on a wide array of interest-bearing securities, commission-free mutual funds and exclusive access to low-cost mutual funds.

An Advisor Account could be ideal if you:

  • Want control over your investments, with advice and support.

  • Desire a flexible yet disciplined long-term approach to investing.