C W Delorme & Associates

Investing with Confidence

C W Delorme and Associates combines over 80 years of experience helping clients with their ambitions and goals. Our reputation for integrity and reliability combined with our affiliation with Royal Bank provides a platform for success and the ability to offer truly comprehensive wealth management solutions. We are passionate about portfolio management and firm believers that everyone benefits from having a professional financial plan in place. A proper plan helps to ensure your goals are met, provides peace of mind and drives investment decisions.

Our Wealth Management Approach

Financial well-being extends beyond portfolio performance. A wealth management approach considers financial planning, retirement planning, will and estate planning, insurance strategies and tax strategies to help a client achieve important financial goals. A comprehensive wealth management approach gives a client a roadmap to achieving important financial goals and confidence in their future.  We partner with our team of over 125 highly qualified professionals to offer advice about wealth management and insurance to identify strategies and solutions that meet our clients objectives.

A financial plan identifies net worth, cash flow, financial objectives, retirement goals and actions needed to achieve stated goals.  Within the plan we also evaluate tax strategies, will & estate issues and conduct an insurance evaluation.  Our suite of wealth management and insurance solutions can easily be put into action to help clients achieve their financial goals and this often consists of estate & trust services, retirement planning, tax planning and insurance solutions.  We appreciate the peace of mind this plan creates for clients and their professional advisors as it aligns everyone towards a common goal the clients well thought out needs and wishes.