It all begins with a conversation.

Recognized as one of the leading Investment Teams in Montreal, with over 25 years' experience, I pride myself and my team to offering outstanding client service which has led to life-long and inter-generational relationships.

During the course of my career, my client base was built solely on referrals, which is exclusive to affluent families, executives, and successful business owners with complex situations that require carefully crafted solutions.

The cornerstone to success is to recognize that everyone's situation is unique, and working with our team of wealth professionals, we can help shape each goal you have outlined and bring together all the solutions you need to manage your wealth for a richer journey.

As your Portfolio Manager, with an Investment Policy Statement and a disciplined, diligent & dedicated approach, you can envision more because even when markets change, good investing advice is timeless. It's not just service, it's personal and it's where you matter most.

Let us be your guide to living well.

Welcome to Caroline Gauthier Private Investment Management.