Cafferky Wealth Management Group

Our goal is to provide you with financial peace of mind, despite uncertainties in the markets and in life. By emphasizing capital preservation and downside protection, we can do exactly that, while helping you grow your portfolio along the way.

To protect and grow your wealth, we prioritize volatility management and tax-minimization strategies. We also focus on stable and consistent returns that are supported by income-producing securities.

Since true wealth is about more than money, we’ll support you and your family through periods of change in your life by ensuring that your financial plan is ready for anything — no matter what life brings your way.

Being part of RBC Dominion Securities, Canada’s leading wealth manager, means that we offer our clients a dual advantage:

  • A wealth building experience based on direct personal contact with a trustworthy, accessible, experienced and knowledgeable team.
  • The reassurance that our work is supported by a range and depth of specialist services and professional expertise only a major financial institution can deliver.


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