Brian takes a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your financial and life goals. His wealth management approach provides a clear roadmap for the future by addressing all financial aspects at each life stage. Brian will work with you, and your other professional advisors, to create a comprehensive wealth management plan for your needs and goals.

In reviewing and planning ahead for all your wealth management needs, Brian can help you coordinate services to facilitate capital growth and preservation, minimize your tax obligations, address the various risks you may face, and integrate your corporate and personal wealth.

Cash Management

Brian can introduce you to our RBC Royal Bank partners who can help ensure appropriate access to required funds for various family members through private banking, cross-border banking, and trust and custody services.

Investment Management

Brian will provide personal asset allocation service, including establishment of investment policies for purpose-based portfolios, sourcing and oversight of investment managers, access to equity and fixed-income capital markets, and implementation of any alternative investment structures appropriate in your situation.

Tax Planning

Working with our wealth management experts, Brian can provide tax-planning services to help you fulfill your tax obligations, while aligning your taxable assets efficiently, including trust and holding company services, tax-exempt insurance solutions, international structures and alignment with external tax advisors.

Threat Assessment

With the help of an Estate Planning Specialist, Brian can help you with the identification and assessment of risk factors, management of unavoidable or acceptable risks, and elimination of unnecessary risk, encompassing personal and corporate insurance, income/portfolio protection, and personal asset liability assessment and management.

Corporate Services

Brian has a network of professionals in the areas of investment banking, capital markets, commercial financial services and employee/executive programs and can introduce you to these professionals as necessary.


Brian provides complete administrative and advisory services for private foundations, endowments, and one-time gifts.

Succession Planning

Brian can help with the coordination of required services to help you transition the business to the next generation of family leaders, covering both business and personal interests.

Estate and Trust Planning

Brian and our Will & Estate Consultant can provide a thorough assessment of opportunities to enhance your estate plan, covering Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trusts. Based on your needs, we can provide access to estate services encompassing trust establishment and administration, estate settlement, and executor/liquidator services.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Understanding the potential loss of wealth through intergenerational wealth transfer, Brian will work with you to create strategies and solutions to efficiently transfer wealth to the next generation according to your intentions, while minimizing tax implications and ultimately perpetuation family wealth across multiple generations