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A Wealth Management practice dedicated to providing consultative, balanced and disciplined financial advise to high net worth individuals and to those they love.

Specializing in Tax-Efficient Retirement Income Generation for The Conservative to Moderate Investor. I am honoured that you have stopped by to check out my website. I invite you to stop by often as it is regularly updated.

Whether you are a valued, long standing client already or you are seeking a new adviser, my goal is that everyone will learn something new about their own unique financial position. This is also a place where you can learn something about me and how I manage money, from the comfort of your own home.

It is a place where you can find out about the many events going on in the world that can influence your financial life and a place to get the financial information to help you manifest the life you envision. It is a place where opportunities are highlighted and pitfalls exposed.

Most importantly, this is the place and I am the advisor that can keep you on the path you have chosen and help you protect what you have built.

I use my vast experience to do this for you. With over 39 years of experience with the Royal Bank Financial Group, I have seen almost every market imaginable and have helped clients through numerous financial life events. I have used my skills to help hundreds achieve their goals and stay on track. And I have seen life. After five decades plus on this planet, I know how keep emotions under control, focus on goals and stay on course. This is the key to success in any field or financial journey.

I trust you will find this site useful, interesting and of course helpful to get to know me better and what resources I have available to me in my mission of providing sound, conservative, life enhancing investment advice.

Brenda Johnston

Brenda Johnston

Vice President, Investment And Wealth Advisor

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