Clients of Davidson Professional Wealth Management enjoy a fully integrated wealth management approach that examines all available options to achieve financial goals. An individually crafted financial plan of unique purpose and design serves as the basis for maximizing value and wealth over time.

We believe in regular consistent contact with our clients. This ensures that they are up to date on our outlook for the economy and the rationale for our portfolio management strategies. This also ensures that we are in tune with their personal goals and objectives as this is the core focus of our wealth management strategy.

Our Clientele

We provide services that are tailored to the needs of corporate executives, entrepreneurs and business-owners as well as a wide range of medical and related professionals. Their net worth typically ranges from millions to hundreds of millions of dollars and benefit most from a service that recognizes their unique needs and circumstances.

Specifically, their net worth often involves a high degree of complexity; they generally have greater exposure and sensitivity to taxation of their wealth; they possess wealth in excess of their own personal requirements; they have little need or desire to expose their wealth to unnecessary risks; and, they are concerned about how their wealth will be transmitted to successive generations. Engaging experienced experts in these matters brings real benefits.

Wealth Management and Investment Processes

We subscribe to a process-driven approach in our service delivery to ensure that we work sequentially and leave nothing to chance.

Our financial planning process determines, among other things, savings required to support lifestyle, a required rate of return on invested assets, opportunities to minimize taxation of various assets while living and at death, protection of assets from litigation, and transmission of assets to charitable interests or future generations. The end result is a comprehensive financial action plan of unique design and purpose that accounts for all the different variables within a client’s net worth and a strategy to address each opportunity.

Where appropriate, we will undertake a wealth planning process that utilizes the expertise of experienced in-house legal and tax experts. They will identify and focus on specific issues of concern and formulate credible and practical means for addressing them.

With respect to investment management, we employ an investment counselling model. This involves designing and managing a variety of distinct portfolios, each intended to address specific objectives. We incorporate fundamental, technical and quantitative inputs into the portfolio decision-making so as to focus on the most relevant criteria and remove emotion from the process. In addition to the portfolios that we manage in-house, we may also engage the services of select external managers who bring their own expertise and a novel perspective to the overall portfolio.

Our Unique Qualities

At DPWM we have over 50 years combined experience delivering our services, through a variety of economic and capital market conditions. As a result, we take into account a broad picture of our client’s net worth and how the various components relate and are influenced by changes in the economic cycle.

We employ methods and processes that have been developed specifically to provide value for high net-worth and ultra-high net-worth clients.

Our orientation to the many risks that can threaten net worth recognizes how wealth has been built and accumulated, as well as how it can be impacted by poor planning and undisciplined investment management.

Among the many benefits that we deliver to our clients is to avoid costly mistakes that may result from poor investment management, a lack of planning or a lack of clarity of objectives, an inappropriate orientation to risk and a poor understanding of the opportunities available through alternative ownership structures.

Through our discretionary investment management service, we free up time for our clients to attend to other matters that are of greater and more immediate importance in their lives.