Barnaby specializes in helping:


Retirees who want to:

  • Maximize their retirement savings
  • Enjoy a tax-efficient income stream
  • Maintain their pre-retirement lifestyle
  • Preserve their wealth

Business owners or incorporated professionals who want to:

  • Focus on building their business while building their personal investments
  • Tax-efficient strategies for their business and personal wealth
  • Coordinate their business and personal assets for a seamless transition to retirement

Foundations, non-profit organizations, and condo reserve funds that need help:

  • Managing assets under strict guidelines
  • Achieving specific growth requirements for reserve funds
  • Maintaining a professional and transparent investment portfolio

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Successful executives who want to:

  • Enhance the growth of their wealth
  • Maximize company options
  • Minimize taxes on corporate savings options
  • Maintain their lifestyle during retirement


Established families who want to:

  • Protect their financial legacy from wealth depletion
  • Maximize family wealth through income-splitting strategies
  • Protect their assets from wealth destroying events including divorce and taxes
  • Ensure their wealth will be continued to be managed with discipline and respect for generations