Portfolio Management - Personal Portfolio Approach

It all starts with you! Your relationship with Barbara Reid’s Wealth Management Team is founded on a thorough discussion of your personal needs and preferences. From there, we can design, implement and guide your personal wealth strategy, following the Personal Portfolio Approach. All the services you need to manage your wealth in an organized, coordinated fashion will be brought together into one comprehensive strategy.

Understanding your needs and goals

Our first and most important job is to listen to you – to understand your needs and your dreams for the future. We will take the time to understand your specific goals – such as saving for retirement, financing a business or creating a lasting legacy for your family. This “discovery process” doesn’t end here – as time passes, and your situation changes, we will work with you to ensure that your personal wealth strategy remains up to date.

Designing your personal wealth strategy

With an in-depth understanding of your individual situation, we will create your personal wealth strategy. This will provide the framework for the management of your investment portfolio, including both advisory and discretionary alternatives. It also addresses your financial planning needs, including tax and estate planning.

Implementing your strategy

Once we have designed your strategy, we can draw upon the necessary resources and expertise to implement it. You will have access to leading investment managers worldwide, as well as advice and consultation directly from me and my team. In addition, you can tap into an extensive professional network of tax and estate planning experts.

Guide your progress

Over time, your needs and goals will change. Financial markets and economic conditions will also change. To anticipate and respond to these changes, the Personal Portfolio Approach provides an ongoing process of monitoring and review.


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