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Chetan Wealth Management is a multi-generational family business serving multi-generational clients. We take a holistic approach to wealth management, tailoring a customized plan for each client’s specific goals and needs.

We get to know our clients’ ambitions, and identify and implement financial strategies to achieve their goals while avoiding some of the mistakes that can cause financial and family stress.

Our team, including our in-house wealth management specialists, will work with your accountant and lawyer to ensure that the solutions we recommend will meet your needs.

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It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep that grows your wealth

At Chetan Wealth Management, we look at the complete picture to determine your best path to financial success including understanding your long-term goals, family dynamics, risk level for investing, concerns about your tax burden, timelines, and more. Each plan will be refined over time as your family grows and your needs and desires change.

Our family office gives our clients comprehensive guidance on how to:


By constructing a diversified portfolio of world class companies with proven and long-term track records of paying and growing dividends.


By minimizing your family’s taxes during their lifetime and beyond.


By implementing estate planning strategies to enhance, protect, and transfer wealth to your next generation.


By identifying and managing risks that could be a source of stress and detrimental to the financial health and well-being of your family.

Our services

We are

A multi-generational family wealth management practice helping families protect, grow and perpetuate wealth.

We do

Care deeply about our clients’ futures, for generations to come. We build and monitor your financial roadmap to reflect your family’s priorities, and adapt your portfolio to correspond with the global economic outlook.

We don’t

Set unrealistic expectations or make risky investments to try to achieve your goals.

From our clients

My father was a retired Investment Advisor. He knew there would come a time when he wouldn’t be able to manage his own family’s wealth. After an extensive search, he found Ashok to be a good Advisor for his family. Upon his passing, my two siblings and I all met with Ashok and he was able to help us navigate the transition of my father’s estate. He recommended strategies tailored to us to help lower our overall tax burden. Ashok’s calm and deliberate approach to investing has been reassuring, and we remain confident that our portfolios will be very well managed and free of speculative investments. I rest assured knowing that Anita and Richard are involved in the practice, and that my children’s financial well-being will remain in good care.

–Doug V., Retired KPMG Partner, Client of Chetan Wealth Management since 2011 People like you