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Our Dealings regarding Allison Shalla  

"We have been dealing with Allison for over 10 years now and shes been with us for much of lifes highs and lows and along for the birth of our three children as well.

I have nothing but great things to say when it comes to Allison.

We have complete trust in every decision making process we go through with her and even more trust in her valued and expert opinion with all our finances. (And now our future childrens finances as well)

Not only are we thoroughly pleased with our financial dealings with Allison, but shes gone so many steps further and recommended individuals experienced in everyday banking, insurance and even lawyers to make our assets and life dealings complete in every way.

Were completely grateful to have her brilliance, knowledge, energy and wit in our lives. After all these years we consider her our friend as well. Weve been nothing but pleased with Allison right from day one." -Chris & Ida Krueger 

“Allison came into my life as a guest speaker at one of our professional development days.  She came at the request of our Union leaders so that she could speak to members about managing their money and plan their retirement.  That was the best professional development session ever!  Quite a few of us hooked onto her star and are now reaping the rewards.  She and her team are always there to answer any questions or concerns that I might have.  When life throws a financial curve, they reassure me and calm any feelings of panic, and find a solution for me to start breathing again.” – Lorraine Racine

“Allison Shalla has managed my RRSP account, my wife, Kathy’s RRSP account and a joint investment account since January 2006.  When Allison began to manage our various accounts her first step was to contact us and determine our goals both in the short term as well as the long term.  Using this information Allison reviewed our accounts and made suggestions to ensure the goals were obtained.  The process continues when Allison contacts us for an annual review to ensure there are no significant changes in our lives.

Allison contacts us when investments mature and provides suggestions as to how to reinvest the funds.  Our instructions concerning the proceeds from investments are promptly addressed.  Kathy and I found Allison to be very helpful both in planning for retirement and since my retirement in 2008.  During the time leading up to my retirement Kathy and I had many questions and concerns.  All of our questions were answered.  Our concerns were discussed and if necessary addressed or put to rest.

While we are three hour drive from Allison’s office, this has not presented any issues in her dealing with our accounts.  We are in regular contact either by telephone or email when concerns arise.  Our telephone conversations are friendly and relaxed with inquiries about our family, our children and yes our grandchildren including the now three year old twins.

I have, and would recommend Allison to manage funds to others and would not hesitate to do so in the future.” – Herb Proudley.

"My name is Ryan, I’m in my early-40’s, and I’ve known Allison Shalla for approximately 13-14 years.

Back in 2007 or so, I was fortunate to come into a modest sum of money and, as I pondered my future goals and aspirations, I thought it wise to begin investing. I wasn’t entirely sure where to start, but I commenced by reading financial articles, I familiarized myself with the more common investment terminology and, every so often, I’d watch YouTube videos regarding market fundamentals and the like.

To be entirely honest, I was spinning my wheels. Sure, I had become more knowledgeable about investing, but something was, indeed, missing. In fact, I was bypassing a fundamental tenet of investing – identifying and securing a trusted, intelligent, commonsensical and prudent financial advisor. Admittedly, at first, I simply wanted to stuff my “nest egg” under my mattress so as to ensure I wouldn’t see it evaporate in the stock market. It would take some serious convincing for me to entrust someone else with my money, though I think this is a natural response when the stakes involve our potential life savings. Not long after, I was introduced to Allison and we met at her office. I remember initially feeling anxious and perhaps a bit overwhelmed, but it didn’t take long for Allison to ease my concerns and to allay any fears. To put it plainly, things just felt “right”. I would ultimately place my financial faith in Allison and, in doing so, I’d be rewarded in ways I could never have conceived. It’s true, in a few short years, I became a much wealthier individual, but I also gained a reliable friend and a trusted confidante. Through market lows and market highs, I have personally witnessed Allison’s devotion to her craft. She’s a highly motivated, hard-working and immensely dedicated financial advisor who spends countless hours tending to her clients and staying atop the most recent market trends. Allison communicates effectively, knowledgeably and patiently in addition to responding promptly to any and all concerns or required tasks. She is reasoned, prudent, highly capable and insightful. Allison also possesses an incredible personality, a kind nature and an affable, humorous disposition.

Wishing you all the best in your decision-making, while trusting that this letter will assist you in placing your good judgement and confidence in Allison as your future financial advisor." - Ryan