Retirement success is all about confidence.  Confidence comes from taking ownership of your future.  Let us help you build the retirement you want.

A Retirement Story
Please note that this case study is for illustration purposes only.  Client names have been changed.

Richard is a physician who is just about to retire.  He is feeling frustrated and a little anxious, but he cant quite figure out why.  After 35 years of practice, Richard is looking at retirement the golden years and wondering what is so golden about them.  He has never had to worry about money in his life.  Now its all he does.

Kate, Richards wife, is a professor and she worries as well.  She is also retiring and is fearful of surprises.  Kate has seen plenty of retirements go wrong and doesnt want money to be an issue for her family.

What worries Kate and Richard most of all are the questions, and they have so many of them.

  • Is there enough money to last the rest of their lives?
  • How much can they spend each year?
  • How will the money get to their bank accounts each month?
  • What if they get sick will they be protected?
  • What is a reasonable rate of return for their investments?

Richard wishes they had a solid plan for their retirement.  Find out how The Morse Team helped Richard and Kate build and realize a shared vision for their dream retirement.

How The Morse Team Helped Kate and Richard

We met with Richard and Kate and walked them through a retirement success plan.  During our meetings, we helped them clarify what was most important to their future.

  • They established a clear picture of their financial needs and resources.
  • They gained much needed direction in order to coordinate their income sources and pay the least amount of income tax.
  • They received a full assessment of their pension and RRSP assets.
  • They developed an understanding of the best investment strategies for them.
  • They received recommendations on how they could shelter severance payments and other retirement sums from tax.
  • They learned how insurance and investment strategies could protect them financially in the event of illness or death.

Richard and Kate gained the clarity they needed to help them make the right decisions.  We drafted a roadmap to help them successfully navigate their retirement.  We also built in a plan to work with them in the coming years to measure their progress and ensure their finances stay on track.

Our Process For Building A Successful Retirement Plan

Step One
We perform an audit to clarify your goals and objectives for retirement.

Step Two
During a personal consultation, we detail the key components for your future planning.

Step Three
We finalize an action plan, which provides you with recommendations for investment, financial and retirement decisions.

How Kate & Richards Retirement Story Ends

Richard and Kate are retired now.  They travel abroad two months of the year and spend summers at the cottage with the kids.  They enjoy the future they worked so hard to build.  They earned their freedom we simply helped them find it.

Richard and Kate continue to value our work and our approach, telling us you gave us confidence and clarity during one of the most difficult times in our lives.  You cut through all the confusion, answered our questions and truly helped us prepare to retire successfully and happily.

Do you want confidence, security and freedom in your financial future?  Ensure your retirement story also has a happy ending.  Book your appointment today and let us develop your retirement success plan.


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