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In a 100-meter-dash, our money is on the professional sprinter, not the tri-athlete. In other words, we recognize the strength of the specialist. This belief has shaped the way we manage your investment portfolio: combining the specialized strengths of our team, firm, and industry-leading money managers to protect your savings with the best minds.

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Our expertise

As planners through and through, we see investing as one critical component of a well-rounded wealth plan. Once we iron out that plan, and assess the current market outlook, we determine the right asset allocation for the growth, security, and income you need.

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Our expansive network

We partner with the industry’s leading money managers, who each manage a slice of your portfolio depending on their area of focus. This way, your investments are managed with top-tier knowledge and expertise in every sector of the markets.

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RBC resources

Our firm is the largest of its kind in Canada, and its resources are some of our greatest assets. Through RBC, we leverage access to leading analyst insights, wealth specialists, market and economic research, and the complete range of global investment products.

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