Our Wealth Management Process

Our Investment Process  

A Unique, Disciplined & Objective Approach to Managing Money


At Bain Wealth Group, we combine the elements of Quantitative, Technical & Fundamental analysis within our investment framework that we have found when matched with your objectives create a solid foundation for investment success.  The markets are tricky and unpredictable so it is very important to remove as much emotion as possible in the decision making process. Our process helps our clients do this.


The first step of our methodology is Quantitative analysis. Quantitative analysis involves studying historical market data and screening for the best ideas. We are always looking for new ideas for our clients and this is a great place to start the process.


Next we look at the Technical analysis.  These are the charts and this is John's expertise. He is a Certified Market Technician and has been perfecting the use of this method for over 30 years. Is the trend up or down? Where is it headed? The chart aspect of the analysis helps us with our timing.


The last step is the Fundamental analysis. We review all the latest research and most recent financials. Our greatest focus is on those opportunities that pay solid dividends with superior upside potential.  We get great pleasure watching clients' dividends come in. 


RBC Dominion Securities has the best analytical tools on the street. We have built our discipline around these tools and take full advantage of them. The discipline is the key. The results speak for themselves.


Whether you are an investor looking for long term growth or retirement income, we can help.  We are always thinking about our clients; always looking for opportunities.