Our team’s disciplined approach is the accumulation of decades of experience garnered at leading international institutional firms. The cornerstone of our philosophy is an emphasis on preservation of capital. Like the major pension plans, our investment strategies utilize a variety of asset classes, including equities, fixed-income, real estate/mortgage investments, and several alternative strategies. In many instances, your wealth will be invested in the same strategies as the largest, most reputable institutional investors.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

"Pension-style portfolio management: A lower volatility investment approach focused on consistent, stable returns"

Through Private Investment Management, you can be confident that your portfolio will be managed according to the highest standards. At the outset, we work with you to establish an Investment Policy Statement, the guiding document that dictates your specific investment parameters. A solution ideally suited for clients that include:

Executives and business owners

Trustees seeking to assign the fiduciary responsibility of asset management stewardship

Captive insurance companies in the need of high-quality discretionary investment management

Individuals responsible for complex family investments

Not-for-organizations, foundations and endowments

Global Citizens and expats

Global Professional network

We also offer access to a network of professionals, such as international tax accountants, trust and corporate structure lawyers, to help ensure that the various issues related to the management of your wealth are properly addressed. If you have existing relationships with professionals in these areas we coordinate closely with them to ensure that we are all working together as seamlessly as possible on your behalf.