Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your goals in life. It gives you the confidence you need to make sound financial decisions, plus the freedom to live life the way you want. It also provides a clear roadmap for your future by addressing all aspects of your financial situation at each stage of your life. Every step of the way, you are guided by a professional wealth manager – your Investment Advisor – who will help you realize your personal aspirations. At RBC we can provide solutions to a variety of people and situations, including business owners, executives, health care providers, lawyers, those who are retired and looking for income, those who are saving for retirement, those looking to ensure family financial stability, and those seeking a financial plan.

The RBC Wealth Management Services Team and Strategy

RBC Wealth Management solutions can help you with financial planning, taxation, business succession planning, charitable giving, education savings, estate and trust planning, insurance, holding companies, U.S. and International strategies, and retirement.

There are three steps that are always followed by your Investment Advisor while devising and implementing a financial plan for clients, which are:

1. Strategies

When you meet with a member of the RBC Wealth Management Services team, we will work with you and your advisor to understand your personal goals. Drawing on the depth of experience that members of our team have developed as financial, taxation and legal professionals, we are able to present strategies that are appropriate for your personal situation. Reaching your goals often requires an interaction of strategies that minimize taxation, provide sufficient retirement income, safeguard your wealth, and provide for the effective transition of assets between generations.

2. Solutions

RBC Wealth Management Services team members will work with you and your advisor to turn proposed strategies into actionable solutions. For example, both the Spousal Loan Strategy and the RBC Family Trust are solutions that may meet your personal goal of minimizing tax. Leveraging the experience and knowledge of both your advisor and members of the team, we can assist in determining which solutions can best allow you to reach your family’s goals.

3. Implementation

Your advisor will work with your own tax and legal advisors and members of the RBC Wealth Management Services team to effectively execute the strategies and solutions that will help you to reach your personal goals and bring you peace of mind.