Estates and Wills 

Evaluating your estate objectives can be a complex task. This will depend on the number of estate objectives you identify and the size of your estate. Often, you will need to consider estate objectives in conjunction with your retirement objectives to properly assess your situation.

This is best achieved through the development of a financial plan, which the Advisors at the Ottawa Preston Dominion Securities branch can help you create. The financial plan will evaluate your estate and retirement objectives. It will also provide a detailed evaluation of your current situation and an outline of how your objectives can be achieved.

At the Ottawa Preston DS branch, your advisor has access to a wide range of professional resources that help develop an integrated financial plan, such as: estate lawyers (or notary in the province of Quebec); accountants; financial planners; and trust officers.

Moreover, the Advisors at our branch are experienced and highly specialized at managing your estate. Along with estate planning, the Ottawa Preston branch also has teams specializing in insurance. Life insurance can play a significant role in your estate plan as it provides a solution to a wide range of potential objectives.

For more information on Wills and Estates please do not hesitate to contact us. Our advisors would be delighted to talk over the phone or meet with you at your convenience. Free informational brochures are also available per request.